Who Should Take EMI Courses?

While many Energy Management Institute (EMI) courses are geared towards agency energy personnel, building operators and facilities management staff, there are offerings suitable for all staff involved in energy management in City buildings.

When and Where are EMI Courses Offered?

EMI courses are offered according to a fall and spring semester schedule and take place during standard working hours. Note: EMI courses will be held virtually for the Spring 2021 semester.

What are the Registration Guidelines?

DEM receives multiple requests every semester from staff across the City of New York to attend the Energy Management Institute. Here are a few things to know before you begin the registration process:

  • Registration: To register for all courses before the registration deadline closes, you can apply online via the "Register Now" button or "Register" menu on this website. You may also email a copy of the registration form that is located in the Energy Management Institute Spring Course Catalog. Note: paper-based registration forms will experience slower processing times, due to our team's need to manually receive and review them.
  • Supervisor Approval: You must ensure that you have your supervisor's approval before registering for a course. EMI will copy the supervisor in future correspondences regarding the course confirmation and schedule to ensure that they are aware of the learning objectives and time commitment involved for their team member. Failure to obtain supervisor approval will result in the cancellation of your registration. 
  • Prerequisites: You must confirm that you have completed the course prerequisites. EMI may also check your enrollment history to determine your eligibility to attend a course.
  • Enrollment ConfirmationSuccessfully completing registration does not automatically enroll you in the course. All classes are free of charge for City employees, and there is a high demand for certain courses. In general, EMI approves enrollment on first-come, first-served basis, but we also consider whether you have completed the necessary prerequisites and the course subject matter is relevant to your job. The EMI team will directly reach out to staff who are confirmed to attend the course with a calendar invite and next steps.
  • Waitlists: If a course is at full capacity, you may add your name to the course's waitlist during the registration period. The EMI team uses the waitlist to fill open spaces right before the start of the course. You will receive an email from the EMI team if you are moved off the waitlist and enrolled in the course.
  • Cancellation of Online Registration: If you are unable to attend a course for which you submitted a registration request, please login to your EMI Spring 2021 Semester online account to cancel your registration as soon as possible, so your spot can be allocated to a waitlisted applicant.

What is the Course Cancellation Policy?

DCAS Energy Management covers the cost of City staff participation in order to improve the energy efficiency of building operations and maintenance. Requests for cancellations or schedule changes must be received in writing at least seven (7) business days prior to the start of a confirmed course by the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Requests received without the required notice may result in a charge of the full course fee to the agency's training department. Agencies may designate a qualified participant for substitution up to the commencement of the class without penalty.

Please refer to the Citywide Training Center (CTC) Catalog for specific course fee information.


How do I Become Successful in a Virtual Classroom?

Even with the transition to online learning this semester, EMI’s virtual classroom setting is still similar to a traditional classroom environment.

  • Most sessions are “synchronous,” meaning everyone participates live at the same time using virtual training technology.
  • Most sessions will still take the same amount of time as in-person training, in order to comply with third-party certification requirements.
  • Most sessions will still have the same expectations on project deadlines, exams, and class participation. 

You should expect quality learning delivered by subject matter experts and experienced instructors; however, you should also expect to assume responsibility for your own learning. 

 Before the session

  • Test your equipment. EMI courses have minimum requirements in order for a participant to be successful in a course, such as a  reliable internet connect, a computer, and a working microphone.
  • Learn the technology. EMI courses leverage many online platforms to store course resources, launch exams, and deliver virtual learning. Our team will hold orientation and walkthrough sessions to familiarize you with the learning tools, either prior to or during the first class.  

During the session

  • Prioritize your learning. Identify a conducive learning space in your home or work location, and as much as possible, refrain from working on other tasks during the class.
  • Participate and connect. Use the platform features to engage and connect with your instructors and fellow learners.
  • Communicate. If you encounter issues, have questions, or would like to share your experience on a topic being discussed, please let the instructor and program manager know.

 After the session

  • Provide feedback. Share your honest responses about your experience and the usefulness of the course you just took.
  • Continue learning. Take advantage of learning opportunities, such as other EMI courses, DCAS Citywide Training Center courses, and external forums and conferences, to maintain your certifications and expand your professional development.
  • Apply your new skills. The City has just invested time and money on your training. We hope you are ready and confident to play your part in supporting the citywide energy reduction goals!